Alpha RX Plus 25 man trial response 2017

Alpha RX Plus 25 man trial response 2017


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How long did it take Alpha RX Plus to  show positive effect?  After 1 capsule 

Did Alpha RX Plus provided the results you were hoping for?   Yes, it has


Have you ever had a pelvic operation or nerve damage?  No I have not


Did Alpha RX Plus perform better than expected?    Yes, it does


Have you experienced BPH or Severe Hypoglycemia (Diabetes)?   None of the above


How did you here about the Alpha RX Plus 25 man test trial

My goodness that's a good question! And you no what's even better? I don't have a clue how I found your product or any trial, but I am so glad it found me. Hey could you send a Bub of mine one of your sample packs? I read something about a test of 25 people? But I no dog gone well that he could be another success story for your company. I would put his add. and name but I will wait for an answer that your still doing any testing. Thank You


Have you  viewed our website and do you feel Alpha RX Plus pricing is fair?  Very fair for the results


Would you give us feedback on Alpha RX Plus and your results?

Unbelievable, Day 1 and my first dose! 18hrs later? I get my 1st reaction! It was early morning and when this very strange but yet recognizable thing was going on. Honestly I laid their thinking is this a dream. It had to be? No dream I decided, but what was this? Then the light came on! I jumped out of the bed walked over to the other side of the room to turn on the real light and their I was right in front of my dressing mirror, And Holly Smokes!!!!!!! A real erection. FROM ME. Last time I saw something like this was about 10yrs. ago. After all of my excitement? I laid back down and realized that I was only a few hrs. away from getting my 2nd dose! And the rest of my adventure is about to begin. FYI I get them daily now. (erection) Thank You Alpha RX Plus. Like the old saying goes! Your company is a Blessing in Disuse.

Can we print your feedback on our site? We only use your first name and State you reside.   Yes you can