Recently 50 men were invited to test 4 capsules of Alpha RX Plus to determine just how quickly the all natural solution would build in their bodies to begin a reversal of their erectile dysfunction.  We would like to share the results with you, and show the effectiveness of our solution to defeat erectile dysfunction. 

Customer survey cloud picture.png
"I have not experienced such quick stiff and unexpected erections since my early 20's...I am thoroughly pleased."
"The product has provided solid, dependable results. For a month a while back, I ran out and my relationship with my wife suffered! I'm not going to let that happen again."
"Prior to using Alpha RX, I had to use Viagra to get consistently hard erections, but now I don't even have to use Viagra!"
                           50 man trial test 
How quickly did you notice a positive result from Alpha RX Plus?
After 1 capsule
Q2: Did Alpha RX Plus provide the results you were looking for?
Yes it has
Q3: Have you ever had a pelvic operation or pelvic nerve damage?
No I have not
Q4: Did Alpha RX Plus perform better than expected? Yes, it does
Q5: Have you experience BPH or severe Hypoglycemia (Diabetes)
None of the above
Q6: How did you here about the Alpha RX Plus 50 man trial?
(please specify) I received an email
Q7: Have you viewed our website and do you feel Alpha RX Plus pricing is fair?
Fair, (please tell us what other products you have tried) viagra
Q8: Would you give us feedback on Alpha RX Plus and your results?
Did you take all 4 capsules?, (please comment below about your trial and feelings on our product?)
I think your product is awesome
Q9: Can we print your feedback on our site? We only use your first name and state you reside.
Yes you can
Q10: Please enter your contact information for survey user response count purposes.
Name Sam
Town Muskegon
State/Province: Michigan