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          Live Natural- historical feedback-Alpha RX Plus


Here's what customer Ron mentioned recently (8/3/2015), in an email about Alpha RX Plus:
Yes, it certainly does work!  It works about as well as Cialis only better.  The 5mg, take daily, Cialis costs about $350 a month if you don't have drug insurance.  You bet this stuff works.
Ron, Arizona.  {Alpha RX Plus customer since August 2013}
Here's what customer Landon wrote to inform Alpha RX Plus of his progress (2/4/2016): 
I think alpha plus has improved my performance and I no longer have to rely on my prescription in order to have sex. I can now have spontaneous encounters with my new wife, without having to worry about taking my prescription (my little helper pill), an hour before any action starts. So glad I found alpha plus and I will definitely keep using it.

       From one  of several 25 man product test, this feedback: 04/06/2016

Unbelievable, Day 1 and my first dose!  18hrs later?  I get my 1st reaction! 
It was early morning and when this very strange but yet recognizable thing was going on.  Honestly I laid there  thinking, is this a dream,  It had to be?  
No dream I decided,  but what was this?  Then the light came on!  I jumped out of the bed walked over to the other side of the room to turn on the real light, and their I was right in front of my dressing mirror, And Holly Smokes!!!!!!!  A real erection.   
FROM ME. Last time I saw something like this was about 10yrs. ago.  After all of my excitement?  I laid back down and realized that I was only a few hrs.,  away from getting my 2nd dose!  And the rest of my adventure is about to begin.  
FYI,  I get them daily now (erections).
Thank you Alpha RX Plus, like the old saying goes, your company is a blessing in disguise.

Bill W.  Oregon.

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